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Yes, I have no Zenanas

28 May
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I am a gigantic dork. I created a new livejournal account just to keep track of my endevours on Neopets. Yes this is sad. I have an addiction... and I'm fueling it. ;-) You can visit my regular livejournal: TenthZ. I'm switching all my neopets communities over to this account, too. :-)


tenthz got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Trudy was my first pet! She started out as a Blue Techo.. when she got zapped by Boochi, I almost cried... I didn't know anything about paint brushes and I thought my Techo would actually have to "grow up" and learn to read all over again! When I found out that it was just a color and none of her stats changed, I was much happier. She is my only pet that I will NEVER EVER LAB!

tenthz got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Let's welcome Derxon to the family! Derxon now hosts my 1np collection page and he is doing a very good job of it. I really love Derxon's colors and he is definitely here to stay - no zapping or lending for him! :-)

tenthz got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

FreindlyToto has been lots of different things! She started out as a Yellow Elephante that I adopted because I needed one for an avatar I was trying to get, and then since she had such a great name, I kept her as a lab pet. She was a Faerie Elephante for a long time.. and has been a boy and a girl and then a boy again! She was recently a Spotted Kougra, a Chocolate Chia (and she won the beauty contest!!), a Green Blumaroo, a Green Bori, a Speckled Bori, a Pink Bori, a Striped Bori, a Snow Bori(1/25/07), a Shadow Bori, a Green Blumaroo-again(2/22/07), a green Moehog(3/6/07), a Red Moehog(3/14/07), a Darigan Moehog(3/21/07), a Shadow Moehog(3/22/07) a Disco Moehog(3/23/07), and a Darigan Moehog again(3/28/07)!

I started zapping FreindlyToto again and so far he/she's been a Pink Moehog (4/??/07), a Green Flotsam(5/10/07), a Fire Flotsam(5/11/07)), a Starry Flotsam(5/24/07), a Pink Flotsam(6/5/07), a Blue Quiggle(6/7/07), a Red Grarrl(6/11/07), a Red Bori(7/5/07), a Custard Bori(8/??/07), a Red Ruki(8/28/07), a Green Bori(8/31/07), a Ghost Bori(9/7/07), a Speckled Bori(again!)(9/8/07), a Brown Bori(9/16/07), a Faerie Bori(9/23/07), a Spotted Bori(10/11/07), a Ghost Bori(10/16/07), a Red Pteri(10/21/07), a Red Lenny(11/02/07), a Brown Lenny(11/13/07), a Green Shoyru(12/4/07), a Darigan Shoyru(12/9/07), a Sponge Shoyru(12/29/07), a Green Lupe(1/1/08), a Green Bruce(1/22/08), a Cloud Bruce(1/25/08), a Darigan Bruce(2/10/08), a Checkered Bruce(2/22/08), a Blue Tuskaninny(2/25/08), a Camouflage Tuskaninny(2/26/08), a Robot Tuskaninny(3/15/08), a Halloween Tuskaninny(4/10/08), a Blue Ruki(4/17/08), a Blue Kiko(4/19/08), a Clay Kiko(4/24/08), a Blue Kiko(4/28/08), a Spotted Kiko(5/2/08), a Red Kiko(5/8/08), a Yellow Kiko(6/3/08), a Red Skeith(6/17/08), a Disco Skeith(6/23/08), a Silver Skeith(6/25/08), a Blue Poogle(7/7/08), a Silver Poogle(8/10/08), a White Poogle(8/13/08), a Rainbow Poogle(8/29/08), a White Poogle(9/15/08), and a Faerie Poogle(9/19/08)!</p>


tenthz got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Rubia was the first pet that I ever adopted from the pound! She was a skeith and then a grarrl and then she got zapped into a grey cybunny! I didn't zapped her after that because everyone loves Grey Cybunnies! But, I lost Rubia to a pound-sitter while trying to lend her to someone. The account she is on is now frozen. :-( We miss you, Rubia - but you did get a lot of people the grey pet avatar. :-)

Pounded Pets:

ilovetheskysthelimit (Green Korbat when pounded on 4/10/07)
Heaven__Tulip (Yellow Uni when pounded on 4/23/07)
Tyrannidz (Brown Grarrl when pounded on 4/23/07)
Faribault (Purple Pteri when pounded on 9/25/08)
Keeloko (Striped Kougra when transfered on 9/28/08)
Illusen_Glade (Yellow Gelert when pounded on 11/02/08)
CheeseyBananaPie (Snow Tuskaninny - pound sniped on 1/25/09)
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